Differentiate your Advisory offering

Be Unique

If nothing differentiates you from your competitor then clients will focus on price.

Your experience and knowledge are unique and your advise and counsel is what your clients value.

BUT how can you deliver this advise repeatedly at reasonable cost?

Use Unique

By using Bi4Cloud you can deliver both management and operational detail reports effortlessly.

See exceptions, understand the cause and take action.

Others products only deliver high level information and leave you the hard work. By contrast Bi4cloud provides operationally rich information for you to tweak.

Deliver Unique

Bi4Cloud is pre-built, flexible Business Intelligence. Just signup, connect up and you’re analysing. Create client specific reporting from our pre-defined report palette allowing you to customise and share.

Expose only the information that users need.

Your clients get…

Your experience, your consultancy + Bi4Cloud flexibility providing unique tailored solutions at affordable cost
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