A version to suit your needs and budget


    AU$20*per month
    • Ideal for a start-up or small business
    • Over 60 Favourites
    • Chart, pivot and compare
    • Drill-down into your MYOB data
    • 1 User, 1 Company


    AU$40*per month
    • For SME’s who spend too much time on reporting
    • All Lite features plus
    • Instantly create and save customised reports
    • Export reports to Excel for further analysis
    • 1 User, 1 Company


    AU$60*per month
    • Suits large or rapidly growing enterprises
    • All Professional features plus
    • Email report notifications and alerts
    • Data visualisations and dashboards
    • 1 User, 1 Company
    Other Countries, more Users and Annual Plans

    Cool Stuff

    • Franchisors, Construction, Multi-Branch, Sales Teams
    • EXO | SAP B1 | DataPel
    • All Enterprise features plus
    • 5 Companies, 5 Users
    • Monthly Job Budgeting
    • Sales Budgets
    • Divisional Analysis

    Cool Stuff

    Some organisations need more than just reporting and charting. They may need to budget activities at a more detail level, they may have multiple company database and need to see sales, purchase or accounts in aggregate or they may need to report on aspects of the business in branches, costs centres or divisions. For these companies we built Cool Stuff

    Simply sign up for BI4Cloud version Enterprise 5 and all these features get enabled. Then you can extend the features of your accounting and ERP systems without expensive customisation and installations.

    * +10% GST (Australian Customers)