Your data is in MYOB but you can’t get at it !

Bi4Cloud gives immediate access anywhere, anytime

Bi4Cloud gives you immediate access to your MYOB information anywhere.

Bi4Cloud will reset your expectation of EASY.

Everyday thousands of decisions are made by your people in your business so it makes sense to enable them to make the best decisions.

Without programming or technical skill you can run reports, analyse, share and email.

Understand your best and worst customers, products, salespeople. Minimise customer churn. Understand and action upsell opportunities. Know what products aren’t selling and minimise slow moving inventory.

Use the Sales history to negotiate better margins. Understand your buy side to help control cost escalation.

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Automatically Email

With BI4Cloud you can set reports to run daily, weekly and monthly and have them automatically emailed to the users or even just send them to yourself for automatic processing. These can be emailed in HTML, Excel, CSV and PDF Portrait and Landscape.

Create and Share Favourites

We give 60 default favourites reports and you can use, change columns, sorting or group and save these as your own. You can save them as your own or share them with other users in your team.

Create Dashboards

Our Enterprise version let’s you create your own dashboards. You simply create favourites with summary information of charts and then use these to make a dashboard on your own canvas. We include a simple to use screen placement template and for the advanced users a drag and drop editor.

Export to Excel and CSV

Your reports can be exported to Excel and CSV formats so you can do further work of formatting of your report data.

Set Up Alerts

Setting up alerts in BI4Cloud is really simple. Alerts are simply emails reports that are sent when one or more values that reach a particular threshold, what we call numeric filters. So to set an alert when Stock on Hand reaches zero you set numeric filter Stock-on-Hand less than 1.

Customise Reports

Change the sort order of reports, change the group by, set up special filters, change the fonts and colours and add or remove columns and you will not need to learn a program language or understand SQL schemas. It’s all simply point and click.

Out of the Box Business Intelligence

Just plug-in to connect your MYOB data for instant results.

Prebuilt Reports to get you Started

Get up and running fast with many prebuilt reports.

Simple to Create Your own Reports

Users with no technical skills can easily tweak the standard reports, filter, change dimensions or create their own to focus on what is important to them.

Dashboard to Detail

Spot trends in high level and dashboard reports then drill right down to detail transactions to investigate the cause.

Available in the Cloud from any Browser

Access your MYOB data from any browser anywhere.

Schedule Reports to Auto Email

Save time and effort by having reports and alerts auto email to users daily, weekly or monthly.

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